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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Portland metro area

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Carpet Cleaning In Portland metro area



Carpet cleaning

(check Cleaning Packages page for prices)


Upholstery Cleaning       $15 per linear ft  (length x 15)


synthetic fiber rug Cleaning

$1.00 per SQFT


wool rug Cleaning

$1.50 per Sqft


Animal Skin Rug 

$2.00 per Sqft


Taxidermy Cleaning

Quote over the phone or in person.


tile and grout cleaning and sealing

$1.25 per sqft


carpet cleaning in Portland


Carpet Repairs in portland

Carpet Patch 

5"x5" or smaller  $89

larger all for custom quote

Transition Repair

doorway  $69

Carpet Stretching

$89 per area 

We provide residential and commercial services in the Greater Portland Metro area. If you have any questions about any of our services or any services that are not listed feel free to call, message or email at any time.

Commercial Carpet cleaning services

carpet cleaning in Portland 

$0.23 per sqft

tile and grout cleaning and sealing

​$1.00 per sqft